Entry Point understands that your home’s front door is the first and last thing your guests will see and must therefore make a statement; curb appeal is everything. It should speak volumes about your creativity and décor choices as well as about your home’s style so making the right design decision is very important. Sometimes your existing door is not a good candidate to have decorative glass installed. Depending on the age of your home you may have a steel door that is rusting or a wood door that has warped and cracked. These need to be replaced either with a new slab or a complete pre-hung unit. Entry Point is ready to evaluate your needs and provide a solution for your home.

Our replacement exterior fiberglass doors are made with a smooth or wood grain finishes that accept painting or staining. The jambs are made from engineered composites that are well suited to resist the demanding environment of Florida. Replacing older stamped patterned doors with new slabs opens up the choices of glass inserts that can be installed.

If a new Pre-Hung door is in your future than it also is an opportunity to reconfigure your entry. Now is the time to change that in swing to an out swing or switch from a door with two side lights to a double door configuration.

Entry Point also offers Schlage and Emtek Hardware and Lock Sets. These two brands are well known for their reliability and durability to give you peace of mind. The offer many styles to choose from that will complement the look and feel of your new decorative glass. We are here to help you find the right match of your new decorative door glass and locking hardware that will not only be functional and secure but also enhance the beauty of your home.

The Entry Point showroom is also a great place to see the many design options available to you. We welcome you to visit and bring along pictures of your door and home so we can help you with your selection.

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